Chicken Wings (GF)

House Hot Sauce, BBQ, sweet & sour.

Beyond Meat Kebab (V)

Soy protein, mix salad, mint chutney.

Crispy Cauliflower

Spicy peanut dip, pickled onions.

Chicken Dumpling

Ginger and vinegar sauce.

Crab Cakes

Remoulade sauce, mango, relish.

Fries (GF)

Garlic parmesan dip.

Chicken Tenders

Fries and choice of dip.

Cocktail Meatballs

Sweet & sour glazed.

Clam Chowder (GF)
Cup $9, Bowl $13

Clams, bacon, mix seafood, potato.



ADD-ONS: +$8 Garlic Pepper Chicken, +$12.95 Salmon, +$10 Chili Garlic Prawns x4, +$12 Beyond Meat.

American Salad (GF)

Mixed greens, tomato, crispy bacon, chicken, egg, avocado, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad

Croutons, parmesan cheese, crispy bacon.

Quinoa Salad (GF)

Seasonal vegetables, chickpeas, ginger vinaigrette, avocado.



CHOOSE YOUR SIDE: Fries, salad, +$2 cup of chowder.

The Hallway’s Beef Burger

Onion bacon jam, house-made sauce, tomato, cheddar.

Veggie Burger

House-made sauce, lettuce, tomato.

Chicken Burger

Hallway-marinated grilled/crispy chicken, tomato, onion, lettuce, and home-made sauce.

Fish and Chips
1pc $18 / 2pc $23

Cod fish, tartar sauce, coleslaw, fries.



Cheese, gravy!

Kid's Pasta

Tomato, white, or butter sauce.

Cheese Burger

Cheese and mayo.

Chicken Tenders

Fried and ketchup.

Kid's Flatbread

Marinara sauce and cheese.

Plain Rice Pilaf

Plain rice, grilled chicken.

10 am - 2 pm


ADD-ONS: $2.5 Ham, bacon, choice of egg, guacamole.

The Hallway Breakfast

Egg and bacon, toast, ham or sausage with homemade jam, hash browns.

Butter Masala Omelette

Marinated shredded chicken, mix cheese, bell pepper, onion.

Healthy(ish) Omelette

Seasonal vegetables, mixed cheese, with hash browns or salad.

Korean Fried Rice

Gochujang, soy sauce, mix vegetables, fried egg.

Crab Cake Benny

Poached eggs, hollandaise, served with hash browns and mixed fruits.

Breakfast Steak n' Eggs

Fried egg, steak, jus, hash browns.

Old Fashioned Pancake

Pure maple syrup, fried egg, mix fruit jam.

Grilled Cheese

Mozzarella, Cheddar, wipped butter, fries or salad.

Croque Madame

Bacon , garlic Parmesan sauce , cheese, fries or hash browns.

Breakfast Flatbread

Egg, mozzarella cheese, bell pepper, onion, marinara sauce.

Smoked Salmon Toast

Dill crème fraîche , capers, +$2 poached egg.

Breakfast Poutine

Poached egg, cheese curd, fries, gravy or hollandaise.

5 pm - 10 pm


ADD-ONS: +$8 Garlic Pepper Chicken, +$12.95 Salmon, +$10 Chili Garlic Prawns x4, +$12 Beyond Meat.

The Hallway’s Chicken

Rosé Parmesan chicken, sautéed vegetables, Focaccia bread.

Pork Chop (GF)

Pomme purée, green beans, jus.

14oz Striploin (GF)
$45 / 7oz $32

Pomme purée, broccolini and roasted carrots, jus, +$10 4 prawns.


Alfredo sauce, pesto, pea, mix mushroom, shallot, +$2.50 focaccia bread.

Seafood Spaghetti

Puttanesca, manila clam, prawn, salmon, cod.

Salmon (GF)

Black lentil daal, cherry tomatoes, pea purée.

Chicken Masala Curry

Rice, mint & cilantro chutney, naan, pickled onion.

Finish with Style



Coffee dip savoiardi biscuits, layer of mascarpone cheese, marsala wine, cocoa powder.

Crunchy Chocolate Mousse

Whipped cream and berry compote.

Ice Cream

Vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch.

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